Result Direct - A data driven marketing services company.

About Us – A Leader Among Big Data Companies in Australia

A data-driven, marketing services company.

Based in Melbourne, our expertise is in the assembly of marketing databases that deliver data-driven insights that in turn, lead to profitable marketing solutions.

We do this by transforming your marketing data into actionable business intelligence so you can use this new-found knowledge to attract and retain profitable customers.

Database marketing – a dynamic, cost-effective approach to attracting your best prospects, retaining your best customers, and cross-selling targeted services – has become a requirement for organisational competitiveness and success.

A successful data driven marketing strategy requires commitment from the organisation and its partners.

With over 19 years of experience as a leader among big data companies in Australia, Results Direct has the technology, the expertise, and the commitment to develop, deploy and maintain the data driven marketing solution that is required.

Results Direct was incorporated in 1995 by the team of entrepreneurs who created the largest database in the world for Hewlett Packard. Results Direct developed name-and-address scrubbing and matching algorithms that were utilised to join individual customers or sales transactions into household buying units. We also pioneered the business of creating customer marketing databases in Australia, primarily for banks, but also for insurance companies, retailers and manufacturers.

Our Philosophy

Results Direct operates in markets where we can achieve a sustainable competitive advantage by adding value for our customers.

Striving to tackle the toughest problems, we serve the most demanding clients in order to stay at the leading edge of competition from other big data companies in Australia.

We are always results orientated, setting goals and continually improving our performance through hands-on management and active individual participation.






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