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Marketers world-wide are under enormous pressure to maintain high results with their current marketing practices. The sheer amount of data and exact detail of information being captured by enterprises through the rise of Multi Media, Cross Media, Social Media and The Internet makes it more than a challenge for the most-savvy of marketers. It is predicted in a recent report from Gartner that, enterprise data is expected to grow by 650% within the next five years. The mass and complexity of the data leads to increasing difficulty in analysing and understanding customer purchasing patterns and behaviours. Many marketers are therefore searching for automated marketing solutions.

Customers demand high-value experiences and rewards from their purchases. With the rise and rise of smartphones and tablets, it has become more challenging to produce and present a consistent user experience that satisfies customer expectations. When applied correctly, intuitive and predictive marketing capabilities will improve your marketing optimisation efforts – especially with the assistance of our advanced automated marketing systems.

The main problem in today’s predictive marketing campaigns is that many of them are “power tools”. At Results Direct, we pride ourselves in creating solution-based marketing automation software that is designed specifically for your customer. Your audience. Your market.

Predictive automated marketing systems give you the ability to determine exactly which products and services your customers will want in the future.
Results Direct have the experience and expertise to facilitate the creation of predictive, intuitive, automated marketing solutions that will be most relevant to handle your marketing communication needs.
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