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Business Performance Management

Your CRM Results affects your bottom line

Your CRM business performance management plan should integrate internal process and functions, and external networks, to create and deliver value to targeted customers, at a profit. The application of information technology (IT) is a distinguishing attribute of CRM, particularly in its operational and analytical forms.

Operational CRM relies on software to automate selling, marketing and service processes. Operational software applications include salesforce automation, campaign management, event-based marketing, opportunity management, product configuration, performance evaluation, and contact management solutions.

An abundance of customer-related information has given rise to the increase of the number of methods companies have access to this information. Many of these methods and performance management systems were unimaginable a couple of decades ago.

An ability to extract high-quality, usable information in a timely manner is increasingly important, particularly given a marketing environment of fragmented communications media, and of sophisticated technologies such as mobile messaging, web-based supply chains, and e-commerce.

As a result, companies are becoming more dependent on software to convert information into actionable intelligence, and to communicate that intelligence to customer touch-points in a timely manner. A regular performance evaluation is critical to assess that these goals are being met.

Customer management software is an important component of both analytical and operational CRM implementations.

But how do companies use CRM software to support their customer management activities, and how satisfied are they with the results they experience? Importantly, is the implementation of this software associated with enhanced business performance management?

A large proportion of companies are still undeveloped in terms of their application of software to support their customer management strategies. But demand for CRM software is high, as part of a comprehensive performance management process.

Our investigation in the Australian market shows CRM software is more commonly deployed for customer retention and customer development purposes. It is less extensively used to support customer acquisition, but when this does happen it results in more cost-effective marketing campaigns.

Companies that do employ CRM software are generally satisfied with their return on investment (ROI) from the software. Our data suggest that companies' level of satisfaction with software performance varies directly with its reported impact on business profitability.

The performance of the software in meeting companies' expectations of customer retention is a statistically significant predictor of profitability.

At Results Direct, our intelligent application of CRM software yields genuine, statistical improvements in your business performance management plan.





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