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Customer Satisfaction Management

Understanding Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a term that is bandied about freely within the corporate world. Managers are measured on it; employees are paid bonuses on it; and your company’s strength is based, in part, on it. Satisfaction is one of the most common metrics used to measure customer sentiment.

But measuring customer satisfaction has always been complicated. One of the top priorities for client relationship management is to generate greater customer insight, with an obvious focus being what a customer thinks of a company’s products and services. Basically, the data gathered by understanding the life cycle of customer’s satisfaction from purchase to after-sales care and participation in relevant loyalty/reward programs, can be translated into superior profitability.

There are multiple factors that drive customer sentiment and ultimately, the likelihood for them to purchase. A composite evaluation of customer drivers of purchase, loyalty, and repeat purchase, along with the drivers of satisfaction, can then allow for a full understanding of the customer experience throughout their journey. Taking all this into account, we gather relevant data throughout the purchase and after-sale funnel that are more likely to drive profitable growth. At Results Direct, we take into account your customer’s role in your business, what matters most to your customers in their purchase decision, their expectations, and their ultimate satisfaction. There are various tools that we use to help assess and manage customer relationships, most notably, extensive customer surveys.

Your engagement with your customers happens over numerous interactions and a variety of media such as in-store service, the web, email, mobile phones, etc. To fully understand how your customers think, we measure your performance across these mediums. This also means looking at performance throughout the purchase conversion funnel to identify issues. Not surprisingly, customer sentiment can vary which helps us refine and perfect your customer’s experience across your various platforms.

By spending more time focusing on measuring and analysing the attributes that are most important to your customers, we will likely gain a better overall understanding of their satisfaction, leading to better customer relationship management systems. If a company treats all customer satisfaction attributes the same, then the company can be led astray.

Advanced statistical methods and expertise are necessary to be able to move beyond measuring customer satisfaction to actually understand and leverage it to drive business growth. We use more contemporary and advanced statistical techniques and customer relationship management software that are likely to generate more accurate and predictive insight. Methodologies such as, key driver analysis, enable a superior understanding of what matters to your customers during their experience with your products or services. The value of a more sophisticated statistical technique is that it can help predict which attribute will generate the greatest profitable growth with the least investment. This is the key to successful customer satisfaction management.

Satisfying your customers, who can ultimately convert to advocates, should be the goal of every company. Moving beyond customer satisfaction management that simply measures, to actually understanding and learning from it, should be the approach to crafting a sophisticated learning program.

At Results Direct, by using comprehensive satisfaction surveys, understanding which attributes matter most to your customers and leveraging advanced statistical techniques, together we will be better positioned to drive the future business growth of your company.
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