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Loyalty & Customer Engagement

The Power of an Effective Loyalty Program

To measure customer loyalty and for an effective reward program, the required elements begin and end with brand segmentation, selection and equity. To increase customer loyalty, we must first understand that with a total of five generations currently in the workforce, loyalty programs rewards are anything but a "one size fits all" approach. When choosing your rewards selection, it is important to account for the multiple demographics and interests in order to maintain a high level of customer engagement which benefits all your participants, giving you future insights for better customer experience management.

Communication of your program offerings should be streamlined, yet specific enough to connect with each demographic. Using a variety of complementary communication tools is a powerful customer experience strategy which will stand out to efficiently capture your desired group’s attention. By customising the message, tying into their lifestyle and using the right technology at the right time, you can improve your program’s customer engagement tremendously.

Any successful loyalty program must also use social media to connect with the younger generation and build a community for constant customer engagement with these participants. They prefer to be reached via mobile applications. This requires communicating promotions via text messages, apps, videos and social media. In order to keep them incentivised, utilise a variety of social media tools in your customer experience strategy or tie your promotions into a specific time of year, event or celebrity trend to further concentrate your program rewards offerings.

At Results Direct, we believe that by segmenting and targeting rewards relevant to your program participants, you’ll be sure to generate results that keep participants engaged in your program and motivated for years to come.
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