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Remote Feature Access

Remote Access

Remote access refers to you or your staff being able to access your company’s data or your internal company’s resources from a remote location.

There are a lot of drivers for remote access, but the overarching issue is that people need access to information from anywhere, at any time, from any device.

The outdated vision of access based on specific device or location is gone. We understand that business intelligence should be accessible via a laptop, or desktop, or kiosk, or smartphone, or even an MP3 player.

IT has to be an enabler.

At Results Direct, we are aligned with this vision of anywhere, anytime access, and have a number of technologies you can use to enable secure remote access. Simply, Secure remote access ensures we do not put your data, your servers at risk.

In summary, remote access users require a secure, cost effective and expedient method of access to company’s data to allow them to work in a more productive fashion.

While the potential savings and employee productivity increases that come with having remote-access are attractive, consideration must be given to the initial efforts required to plan, implement and monitor this technology.

At Results Direct, we implement strict security policies prior to the deployment of your secure remote access technology. Careful consideration is given to the associated security risks involved with the implementation of your remote access technology.
This high level of attention must be given to the risk involved. If this risk is ignored, there is significant potential for a network security breach and loss of your data.





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