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Reports And Security

Your Reports and Database Security

With a growing number of internal and external attacks on corporate and government applications and stronger regulatory compliance enforcements, data security continues to be the top priority for companies year after year. Many companies don’t have a comprehensive database security strategy that can defend against sophisticated attacks originating externally or internally, track sensitive data as it’s copied into multiple locations, or even meet the tougher emerging regulatory requirements.

Although they have an information security strategy covering high-level policies, governance, and risk mitigation, many have only basic database security practices. Most companies invest more on securing their networks and the application middleware tier, leaving their databases and critical application data exposed.

Database security doesn’t get the priority and investment that it needs, leaving the organisation vulnerable. Although many companies want to have more effective controls around their databases, security budget, organisational issues, and lack of resources often impede initiatives in this area. There is often a false sense of security based on the fact that databases are deep within the perimeter, harder to reach, and therefore are not vulnerable.

Companies tend to focus on detective controls rather than take preventive measures for database security and may not be achieving the outcome expected. Many companies implement auditing and monitoring, but these are reactive approaches and cannot prevent attacks that result in data being compromised or stolen.

Detection of a security incident is of course critical, but the focus on prevention will become increasingly more critical as more database attacks target intellectual property vital to the viability of the organisation itself.

At Results Direct, prevention is our top priority. Although database monitoring is essential to track data access, it doesn’t prevent hackers from stealing information. We look to make the most of your investments by implementing preventive controls to defend against real-time threats.
We provide a comprehensive database security strategy that ensures your investments are not ad hoc and address the three key pillars — foundation, detection, and prevention across your critical databases. We don’t just focus on one or two critical databases, but on all databases that store sensitive data — in other words, all your databases. We classify your databases, noting which ones hold private and sensitive data such as credit card numbers.
We make database security part of the database infrastructure.
Results Direct offer a comprehensive set of technologies to support your entire database security strategy. We are very competent in the areas of data masking, encryption, auditing, monitoring, firewall, vulnerability assessment, access control, and patch management.





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