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Response Tracking And Analysis Of Database Marketing

We fine-tune mailing strategies by analysing response trends over time, across mail cells, product categories and dollar ranges with our customer database software.

Responses to database marketing promotions are generally categorized as either explicit or inferred.

Explicit Response

Some responses come in the form of an action taken by the prospect, generally as a result of a direct-to-consumer acquisition promotion – a returned reply card, a visit to a take-one promotion site, or a phone call to a telemarketing centre.

These are examples of explicit responses, and though important, are often difficult to measure within a database marketing environment, given that these behaviours are not typically captured within a database.

Within the Results Direct customer database software, you will be able to monitor and measure these types of responses.

Inferred Response

In the financial services world, many promotions are geared towards driving the opening of a new account, often within a certain time period. This kind of behaviour can be identified within a marketing database environment, and though accurate, is thought of as inferred, due to the fact that there is not 100% certainty that the mailing is what caused the account opening.

With the use of control groups, most marketers are able to pinpoint the impact of targeted mailings on inferred response. If a control group behaves the same as the promoted group, the specific promotional tactic was not the driving factor behind the inferred response. It might have been space ads, broadcast, or other publicity that caused the behaviour.

If the promoted group "out performs" the control group, most marketers agree that the promotional tactic used was the driver of response.

All responses are tracked in the customer database software to assess the true performance of marketing programs. Assessment of the level, types, and value of responses over time is critical in the evaluation of database marketing strategy and the determination of your Return On Investment (ROI).






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