Result Direct - A data driven marketing services company.

Business Process Management: Solutions Across The Customer Lifecycle

Our analytic solutions span the full customer lifecycle from targeting new prospects to growing existing accounts through the long-term customer retention strategies required to keep your valued customers.


Our acquisition services enable you to acquire new customers more cost-effectively. When combined with estimates of potential customer value, you can target the most desirable prospects, those who will become high-value, long-term customers. Other acquisition services include profiling for deeper insight into market segments, traffic proximity/propensity modelling for retailers, prospect segmentation to better fine-tune messages, response modelling, and geographical analysis and mapping.


Increase your share of wallet by focusing on growth. Cross-sell/up-sell models identify customers who are the best prospects for new or upgraded purchases. Revenue and profit prediction can often tell you more than response modelling. Exploratory data analysis helps you assess the validity of your data and current business process management; while customer segmentation helps you better understand and serve your customers, potentially maximising profits along the way.

Retention and Loyalty

Develop customer retention strategies to keep your loyal, profitable customers. Attrition models enable you to identify customers who are at risk of dropping or switching their service to other providers. Long term value estimates help you to make acquisition decisions on a financially rational basis. Purchase Pattern Analysis helps you understand and predict purchase activity. Market Timing Models help you target consumers when they are in the market to buy.

From lead to retention, Results Direct can help improve your business process management.






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